Mobile call to actions by nonprofits

Again after scouting around the web for the latest mobile news I came across the pool of nonprofit campaigns that exemplify a great use of mixed media like print, video, mobile and the web. These campaigns should make for-profit counterpart of featured nonprofit organizations companies green with envy.

One important thing to note is that I uncovered both campaigns at a great  Mobile Inc blog, but I enjoyed the campaigns so much that couldn’t resist the temptation to repost them. Not really sure if it qualifies as a blog post, regardless of that enjoy the videos and feel free to act on them, donate, and support the great causes featured in these campaigns.

Campaign by Reporters Without Borders

I found it very compelling call to action campaign. What a great and thoughtful media mix. Everything from the print materials, QR code, website, and the video works well together, seems very well coordinated and keeps the reader/consumer/potential supporter engaged with every type of media and a transition to a new media.

“Voices” Campaign by United Nations

I liked the implementation of this campaign as well. Very creative use of SMS, compelling messaging and storytelling components worked well for the campaign. I can definitely see myself taking an action if I was walking o the street and saw the posters. Again good way of mixing the traditional campaign tools with mobile.

Now I have just one question. When are we going to see such compelling campaigns implemented by brands?


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